Tuberous sclerosis

Tuberous sclerosis

This is an unusual disease, with an incidence of 1/10 000 newborn children. Symptoms from different organs are common. Various types of skin lesions are the most common symptom, and can be found in 90% of patients. Angiofibroma in the face and periungual fibromas on the fingers and toes are treated with a CO2 laser. Laser treatment is usually carried out under general anesthesia.

Angiofibrom i ansiktet hos patient med Tuberös skleros. Angiofibroma in the face in a patient with tuberous sclerosis. This can be treated with a CO2 laaser. The treatment is repeated if the lesions grow and cause problems. Friable fibroma between the teeth can be removed by maxillofacial surgeons.
Samma patient efter ett par behandlingssejourer. The same patient after a few treatments.

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